EP Learning Activities

EP Learning Activities EP teachers incorporate many interesting activities into Units of Work for their students to enjoy. The activities, along with modern and interesting resources, help to make learning fun and give EP boys the opportunity to transfer their knowledge into real life experiences.

EP Learning Activities and Resources include the Jolly Phonics Program, Take Home Reading Program, Classroom Readers, Grade 5 and Grade 6 Novels, Show and Tell and Oral Presentations and a Postcard Exchange program.

Jolly Phonics

ACP English Program uses the Jolly Phonics Program in Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes. The program, which is used in schools all around the world, has given EP students a strong foundation in English reading skills.

Jolly Phonics teaches students 42 sounds in the English language. Each sound has a special story and action which makes it easy to remember.

The Jolly Phonics program has been highly successful at developing good English skills in EP students.



Take Home Reading Program

Our students in Grades 2 to 4 participate in the EP Take Home Reading Program. This works in two ways; firstly students practise reading skills in a small group of 5 to 6 boys with their foreign teacher once a week. Group reading activities are great for developing confidence and learning reading strategies. Secondly, students take the book home and practise reading with a family member.

Books used as Take Home Readers are written by Oxford or Cambridge University specifically for teaching children to read. The books are graded to build on skills developed in previous books and work well in partnership with the Jolly Phonics Program.

EPís large selection of Take Home Reader books helps teachers cater to different studentsí needs and interests.


Classroom Readers

Every EP Classroom has a set of books on display in their room. These books include fiction and non-fiction titles and are aimed at the reading ability of each Grade.

Four times per year, the Classroom Readers are rotated between classrooms in each Grade. The Classroom Reader Collections in each grade are continually being expanded with new books.


Grade 5 and Grade 6 Novels

As a part of their English classes, Grades 5 and 6 students read novels.

The novels assist EP students to use and develop the reading skills that they learned in younger grades and to become more confident independent readers.

The novels give students the opportunity to experience different genres and authors. This helps students make choices about their personal reading.

Show and Tell and Oral Presentations

From their very first day in EP, students are encouraged to have confidence to speak English.

Students in Grade 3 develop their language skills and speaking confidence through daily Show and Tell. Boys bring in an item from home to show and talk about to their class. Items can range from a toy to a photo of a special holiday. Other students are invited to ask questions. Show and Tell encourages our students to communicate in English together and is an excellent foundation for Oral Presentations.

In Grades 4, 5 and 6 students are required to do Oral Presentations as a part of each English unit. The Oral Presentations encourage the boys to have the confidence to speak in English about a range of subjects.



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