EP Special Activities

EP special activities not only support our students' learning, but they also help to build the EP spirit and identity in the school community.
EP Special Activities include weekly Grade Assemblies, EP Book Fairs, EP Activity Day and EP Camp.

EP Assemblies

EP Assemblies are a special time each week when EP students from all the classes within the Grade meet together. Students receive recognition in front of their peers by receiving Merit Awards and Class Shields.

Other activities include celebrating birthdays, singing songs and listening to student presentations or performances. All EP Students enjoy their Grade Assemblies and they also provide students with an alternative English environment.


EP Activity Day

The annual EP Activity Day involves all EP students and teachers and is perhaps our students' favourite day of the year!

The goal of EP Activity Day is for all students to participate in fun games, make friends with students in other grades and enjoy friendly competition.

All EP students are divided into one of team colours and then compete in various games including the Three Legged Race, Tyre Races, Obstacle Course, Tug of War and Running Races.

EP Camp

EP Camp is another activity that our Grade 5 and Grade 6 students look forward to each year. The camp, which is held over three days, is held at the beautiful facilities of the Saint Gabriel's Academic and Recreation Centre in Nonthaburi.

The objectives of EP Camp are to build EP identity and spirit and give students an opportunity to practise English outside the classroom, build friendships, enjoying the outdoors and foster their personal development.

EP Book Fairs

The English Program hosts one or two Book Fairs each year. This activity is to remind our students of the pleasure that reading books can provide. The Book Fairs also provide EP students with an opportunity to buy good quality English books of their own.

During the Book Fair weeks the teachers arrange various activities for students including EP Library Art Competitions, reading competitions in classrooms, Inter-Class Reading Races and Book Giveaways.


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