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    EP Grade 1 Assembly week 6.
Today we had our Grade 1 assembly. The students enjoy this weekly get together as a grade, where we celebrate and reward good behaviour and performance. Today 1 student from each Grade 1 class recieved the student of the month certificate. This certificate is rewarded to boys who work hard in all subjects and who lead their peers by example. We are very proud of our student of the month winners. Merit awards were also given to the students to reward them for being responsible, kind, using English in class, working well with others, caring for our environment and most importantly for trying their best. Well done to all of our merit award winners. Keep up the good work.

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มิส  ลัคนาวรรณ    จันทร์เจริญ
มิส  ลัดดา    เฉยยั่งยืน
มิส  นัดติกาญจน์    ทองบุญฤทธิ์
มิส  ปุณิกา    ฐานบัณฑิต
มิส  รุจนา    บุญปักษ์
มิส  อินทร์ละออง    เจริญผล

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